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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our Creative Customer!

A delightful new customer, Rebecca, came to the shop and purchsed these:

 She went home and turned them into this!
Rebecca was kind of enough to share them with us and her story:

"Dear When Pigs Fly Again Store,
I purchased the three antique garden picket fences on Tuesday on a day trip to Mount Dora, and I decided to use them as frames for vintage family photographs. I delved into antique family albums and the backs of drawers to find these images- some are from the late 1800s in Chile, and some are from the 1970s in Ohio, and the others are from all of the years and places in between!
I fixed up the picket fences by white washing them and then applying a light matte clear coat for protection. I then scanned copies of the old photos and adhered a firm backing to them; I used adhesive dots to stick the edges of the pictures to the picket stakes. The final step was putting the quote "I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where..." (by Pablo Neruda) across the bottoms of the picket. It was fitting because these are pictures of my paternal and maternal grandparents, and even two sets of great-grandparents, as well as pics of my parents when they were very young- I didn't know any of them when these pictures were taken, and I may not know the how, or when, or where of their lives, but I love them as family. When you think about it, it's pretty remarkable how people come together- there's always a serendipitous story of how we came to be.
I plan on hanging them in the formation shown in the second picture in my college dorm room. The attached pics don't quite do them justice- I love them even more in person! I can't wait to see what they look like on my wall! Thank you so much for the picket fences that started my inspiration to rediscover these beautiful pictures, and family stories!
Warmly, Rebecca"
We thank her from the bottom of our hearts and hope to see her again soon! Thanks Rebecca!

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