* The shop is filled to the brim with the best primitive needfuls...please stop by and see what's new. Hope you can visit soon!! *

Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Stuff

The Mount Dora Antique & Collectibles Fair was wonderful...and the weather couldn't have been nicer!  Even taking a walk through town to see all of the goodies was enough for some of us "palefaces" to get a bit of color.  Pink cheeks look good on everybody.  :)

Anyway...we met lots of new people and even found a couple of vendors with interesting pieces to add to the shop.  Don't have pics yet, but we are so excited to bring back some of that folk art, kind of funky stuff that we were always lucky enough to have.  We'll let you know.... :)

Just take a peek at this one of a kind porch bench...do you love it, or what?   Let's sit and watch the folks stroll by.....

Enjoy the rest of the week....

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ready for the Mount Dora Spring Antique and Crafts show tomorrow...here's a peek!

Come get your garden on this weekend at The Pig!!

Lucky us! Ms. Susie Tross will be setting up on the lawn with only THE BEST in creamy, chippy whites....
John Byfield will be joining us as well with beautiful firkins, old hardware and interesting finds.
We will have a tent up as well with an awesome two drawer farm table. screen pie safe, old red scooter,  and more....
Mount Dora is hosting the Spring Antique and Crafts show this weekend so you will have plenty to see and treasures to find!
Hope to see you all!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What Can we Say?

A fabulous weekend, so many new faces.....what can we say, except Thank You!!  And, lucky for us, Ms. Julie is there to watch over things so we can get out and do a little pickin'!  Now we all know that Mr. Britt has earned the title of "Master Picker", but look at these new prim treasures.....

Big Ol' Salt-Glaze Crock
These are getting tough to find...especially in such good shape! 

Simple, Early Tabletop Desk.
Add a pewter candlestick and a pair of old spectacles....maybe an old journal or ledger.

Very cool old Cutting Board....and the handle is a knife!
See the wood grain?  It 's so pretty.

Absolutely our fave find!
Great old Laundry cart. 
Maybe we've got Spring on our minds, but can't you see this on a porch just filled with flowers?
Love it!!

Next on the agenda...the Mount Dora Antiques, Collectibles and Craft Fair!  Coming up quicker than we can believe.  If you are near, we hope to see you next weekend,
March 24 & 25.

Have a great week.....and always Dream Big!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Did You Know.....

We are having a Tent Sale?  That's right....gotta make some room and this is the best way we know to do it. So......

It's going to be a super weekend in Mt. Dora, we want to enjoy the weather and you will find some good stuff under the tent in our front yard.  It's also Renninger's Antique Fair this weekend so the prim finds will be plentiful!

We know our weekend will be great and we hope yours is, too!  Be happy... :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Happy to say we had a great weekend...in spite of the rain!  We can't get too upset though...seems like here in Central FL we always need rain, so the showers are welcome.  And, as a bonus, everything looks and smells so clean.

The new issue of FOLK is in!  Have you seen this new magazine?  Beautifully styled and the pictures are so detailed...from scenery to events to yummy recipes. How much do you love that pitcher on the cover?   It's one of those "comfy" magazines..you know, the ones that you can just curl up with?  And the primitive section, found in every issue, has stories and pictures you will love.

Let us know if you would like one...we will be happy to save it for you.  :)

Looks like a beautiful week ahead...keep positive thoughts and enjoy it all!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Something Special

Just had to share this new arrival with you.....isn't it almost perfect?

Early beadboard cupboard from Texas Hill country!  Great finish, wavy glass, kitchen sized.  The flicker candle wreath looks great hanging on the door.

Looks like the weekend is off to a great start...if you are near Mt. Dora, please stop in and say Hi!  If you are too far, have a great couple of days and do something relaxing. :)

And, don't forget to Spring Forward on Sunday morning!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Smells Like Heaven

We are not kidding....the whole shop smells like Heaven!  Or, at least what we hope Heaven smells like.  :)

All of the new candles are in...new fragrances, new sizes...want to smell a warm lemon meringue pie? Try Lemon Curd.  How about roasted corn?  Try Indian Corn.  Love hotcakes and berries?  You got it...Hotcakes and Berries.  These are amazing, long lasting, fragrance filled candles and even if you are a fan of another brand, give one of these a try.  You will love it!

And, look at these burlap Table Toppers....aren't they just the best?  Perfect for an Easter buffet display...so garden-y and fresh.  :)

This is just what came in today....and a little peek at what we are up to at "The Pig"!

Thanks for stopping by.....enjoy the rest of your week.  ~*~

Monday, March 5, 2012

Big Plans

What a great weekend!  The weather was cool and breezy and the crowds were plentiful.  The word is out that the Mt. Dora Antiques and Collectibles Fair is going to be something really special...and we are beginning to get ready.  Still a couple weeks to go, so that gives us time to be sure that everything is perfect.

Our thoughts are with all of those that have been touched by Mother Nature's wrath throughout the states.  Hug those close to you....and have a wonderful week.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Workin' For The Weekend

That's the way it's been...looking forward to getting out and about and enjoying the great Florida weather!  Oh...we say that now, with  temps in the low 70's coming our way, but summer will be here before we know it.

Just wanted to share a couple of good things with you....first:

Early Pewter Cupboard

Isn't this beautiful?  Notice the scroll work on the side panels...that is one board, from top to bottom!  No...really...one board and the scroll work was done to allow space for the cabinet top and the shelves.  The craftmanship is not to be believed....the picture does not show you how truly wonderful this is.  It was tough to get a good pic with the bright sun streaming in.

Next...how do you feel about bunnies?

Is this the cutest "bunny box" ever?  Love the green, love the bunnies, love the keyhole, love it, love it, love it!   Great display piece and when bunny season is over, just turn it around...  :)   Perfect!

Have a great weekend....enjoy what is in front of you.