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Sunday, March 18, 2012

What Can we Say?

A fabulous weekend, so many new faces.....what can we say, except Thank You!!  And, lucky for us, Ms. Julie is there to watch over things so we can get out and do a little pickin'!  Now we all know that Mr. Britt has earned the title of "Master Picker", but look at these new prim treasures.....

Big Ol' Salt-Glaze Crock
These are getting tough to find...especially in such good shape! 

Simple, Early Tabletop Desk.
Add a pewter candlestick and a pair of old spectacles....maybe an old journal or ledger.

Very cool old Cutting Board....and the handle is a knife!
See the wood grain?  It 's so pretty.

Absolutely our fave find!
Great old Laundry cart. 
Maybe we've got Spring on our minds, but can't you see this on a porch just filled with flowers?
Love it!!

Next on the agenda...the Mount Dora Antiques, Collectibles and Craft Fair!  Coming up quicker than we can believe.  If you are near, we hope to see you next weekend,
March 24 & 25.

Have a great week.....and always Dream Big!

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Civil Folks said...

Great finds! I love the laundry cart, too!