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Friday, January 13, 2012

Best surprise...ever!

Yesterday I had the best surprise...I was having lunch at a Mount Dora restaurant and hear my name...look up and there is my friend Susie. I just love her! I have not seen her in several years and missed her so much. Susie is an amazing decorator with a sense and style that I envy. This girl knows how to do it! Please check out her blog, From My Home to Yours and be inspired!
Ms. Susie in her garden!

Susie was with the most delightful man, Steve Thomas....soooo happy to have met him and to have made a new primitive loving friend. BEST NEWS OF ALL...Susie has agreed to set up at The Pig during the Mount Dora Art Fest...lucky for us!!! Double WOOT!!!!


SueBee said...

What is the Mt Dora ARt Fest?!!!
I met Susie through blogging, what a lovely lady!

When Pigs Fly said...

The Mount Dora Art Festival will be held February 4 & 5th. It is the 10th Largest Art festival in the US. Just like the Mount Dora Craft Fair, they close down all of downtown and hundreds of artists and vendors set up to sell their wares. Each year the crowds increase but I believe the average attendance is over 300,000 people.
I never miss funky folk artist Lynne Whipple's booth...someday I will have enough $$$ to buy one of her works...amazing!

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

You are too sweet! It was kinda' fun stalking ya'll....and thanks again for the pizza!

sweetpea said...

dawn, so glad to see you back in the biz! hey if you have space available i would love to set up too! let me know.



When Pigs Fly said...

Yes!! Shelley we have one more space!!So happy you will be there too!! YAY!!